100,000 .BLOG domains have been registered

Automattic, which owns the .BLOG domain name, today announced that the extension has reached the milestone for 100,000 domain names registered.

The .BLOG domain was officially launched at the end of November 2016, just eight months ago and it hit 100,000 domains registered. This is a number worth to be proud.

Back in the early days, just over the first 24 hours, more than 19,000 .BLOG domains were registered successfully. Since then, .BLOG has always had steady growth charts with an average of 300 domains registered every day.

Research by Daniel Ruzzini-Mejia, co-founder and strategic director of DomainsBot Srl, found that 66.5% of the 100,000 .BLOG domains had content and have been published as standalone sites. This report also shows that there are more than 250 websites using an eCommerce platform.

Since being in the market, .BLOG domain has never been advertised, promoted with price shock as other types of domain names. Perhaps Automattic has developed this extension with a slow but steady target, without the need for hot growth. Currently, the price of .BLOG domain is also quite cheap – only from $8.99/year.

We will watch and wait over a year to see how this number will change? Will people who have registered .BLOG domain name renew and continue using?

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