11,000 SHOP domain names will be launched next month, many beautiful domain names

More than 11,000 .SHOP domains will be available on May 8th or May 18th. Includes over 300 short domain names with 3 and 4 characters, ecommerce concepts, 5 digit domain names.

All domain names will be sold at regular rates, not premium domain. At the time of writing this article there are many .SHOP domain promotion offers for only $2.99 per year.

The domain list will be available here, which many of them can be used for online shop.

The .SHOP manager is proud to announce that there are many brands and small businesses around the world that are using the .SHOP domain name for their online brand. More than 7,000 companies use .SHOP as the main website.

Overall, with about 566,000 domains being managed, .SHOP is ranked 9th among new types of new top-level domains (gTLDs), however, of which nearly three quarters (73.29%, 415,000) are not in use.

Are you using the domain .SHOP for the main site, or just used to redirect, parking?

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