99 cents .COM domains promotion at GoDaddy

HOT NEWS in early September, there are cheap .COM domain name coupon at GoDaddy.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen GoDaddy launch the .COM domain for just 99 cents. It looks like the market is fiercely competitive, GoDaddy is forced to launch promotions to entice more customers.

As always, this coupon is only available for new accounts. Pre-registered but not yet signed transactions can use this code. I have successfully tested with a new account and new card information.

Click the button below to receive a coupon code and register now:

GET COUPON – 99 cents .COM domains!

*** Payment can be made by both PayPal and Visa / Master cards. Next year renewal fee as usual.

It is very likely that in the future we will receive more good deal from GoDaddy, please wait on CouponTree!

If you still need more cheap .COM domain names, go through Namecheap, $0.88/year COM domain name promotion is still valid.

Visit GoDaddy here.

Good luck!

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