Adding 3 new locations, Amazon Lightsail covers the world

Amazon Lightsail today announced that it has added 3 new locations, including the European Union (Paris), Asia Pacific (Seoul) and Canada (Central).

So just after a period of time from birth and continuous development, Amazon Lightsail is now available in 13 global locations with 37 different zones.

Similar to other cloud services, the VPS here uses SSDs, API support, Block Storage, Amazon’s name servers, Snapshot. Also, you can use Windows on the server here, of course the price will be higher than when using the Linux OS.

Amazon Lightsail price list has not changed since its launch, so when compared to other Vultr, Linode and DigitalOcean services, you will see poorer configuration.

It is currently maintaining a one month trial with new servers.

More information about Amazon Lightsail:

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