Alibaba Cloud Coupons/Deals in August 2019: Up to 40% Off

Currently, Alibaba Cloud is the leading cloud provider in China and No. 4 in the world for Web Hosting, Jack Ma has the biggest ambition is to beat Amazon in the Cloud battle. With the goal of beating the Amazon Web Service, Alibaba’s number of services is diverse, almost AWS. At the end of the year, Alibaba Cloud also has many attractive promotions and coupons.

Alibaba Coupon Codes & Deals in August 2019

GET DEAL – Get $300 Free Credit on Sign up (Expires: 20-Apr-2021)

GET DEAL – Get 40% OFF on 20 Elastic Compute Service instances during the first year you join the Alibaba Cloud Galaxy Program! Available for companies located Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and India (Expires: 31-Dec-2018)

GET DEAL – Want a 60% performance boost? Try Alibaba Cloud next-gen cloud servers (Expires: 31-Dec-2018)

GET DEAL – Build the Next Big Thing For Free. Get Free Hands-on Experience With over 40 Products. Try Us Now! (Expires: 31-Dec-2018)

GET DEAL – Cloud Storage Service Ensure 99.99% Data Reliability, from US$0.01/GB. (Expires: 05-Jan-2019)

GET DEAL – Anti-DDoS Service Protect Business from Malicious Attacks, from US$600/Month (Expires: 20-Apr-2021)

GET DEAL – Cloud Services on 18 Global Regions. Learn and experience the power of Alibaba Cloud with a free trial worth $300-1200 USD (Expires: 20-Apr-2021)

GET DEAL – Cloud Database Service with Automatic Monitor, Backup & Disaster Recovery, from US$10/Month (Expires: 20-Apr-2021)

GET DEAL – Elastic Compute Service with Free Anti-DDoS Basic Service, from US$0.99/Month (Expires: 20-Apr-2021)

Alibaba’s cloud computing service is expected to generate $135 billion in revenue by 2020. Meaning that soon the big men like Microsoft and Amazon will have to cautiously Alibaba Clould.

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