Alibaba Cloud sells Web Hosting, $0.99/month, Hong Kong location

Alibaba Cloud previously launched Cloud Web Hosting service, but the price is quite high so it does not attract many users.

With the new low cost Web Hosting package, serving small and medium business, this is a very attractive option for CouponTree members.

Currently, I see Alibaba Cloud is only one package Cloud Hosting with a promotional price of $0.99 per month ($5.90 per month extension), Hong Kong and US West both have very good speed.

5GB capacity is enough for small and medium websites, however 50 GB bandwidth per month is quite low. Fortunately, Alibaba Cloud is currently free to use, no charge for bandwidth, so this package is too good, you should not miss.

You can choose a 1-month, 6-month or 1-year subscription period for only $0.99/month. However, should register 1 year to avoid later extension of the price increase or no longer enjoy the free bandwidth limit policy.

The cost of one year of Web Hosting is $11.88.

Register here.

Note: Alibaba Cloud’s $300 free credit is still valid, but not applicable to Web Hosting.

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