Alibaba Cloud upgrades the Starter Package, priced at $4.5/mo

Alibaba Cloud has just upgraded Starter Packages, Cloud Server and Web Hosting packages specifically designed for small/medium businesses and individuals who have the opportunity to experience this service.

The most noteworthy of this change is the addition of the Cloud Server package for just $4.50 a month, with 1 Core CPU (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2682 v4 (Broadwell)), 1GB Memory, 40GB SSD Cloud Disk, 1TB Data Transfer, IOPS 20000 and Port speed 256 MBps.

This rate only applies to  Singapore, Sydney, Frankfurt, Virginia, Silicon Valley datacenters. The most attractive is Singapore because normally in Vultr or Linode with this configuration, you will have to pay $5/month.

See detailed configuration information and register here.

Note: Alibaba Cloud’s $300 free program is still valid, but it does not apply to Starter Packages.

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