Amazon Drive: unlimited storage, 3 months free trial, $59.99/year

Amazon Drive is a service similar to Google Drive or One Drive, allowing you to store unlimited videos, images and files for only $59.99/year.

Amazon Drive has 2 plans to choose:

  1. Unlimited Photos: $11.99/year, unlimited photos, 5GB storage of videos or files.
  2. Unlimited Everything: $59.99/year, unlimited anything. It costs $4.99/month.

When compared to other competitors, Google Drive and One Drive are more expensive and neither of them has unlimited storage plans like Amazon Drive.

Amazon Drive also fully supports the app on Desktop and mobile device platforms, allowing you to more easily manage and use.

With price only $59.99/year that gets unlimited storage is a pretty good deal. From now on you can experience Amazon Drive with 3 months free trial here.

After 3 months trial will automatically pay, if you do not want to continue you can go to this link, drag down the bottom and find the word “Do not continue” then click on.

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