Amazon ends of $60/year unlimited storage plan

Since its inception two years ago, Amazon Drive is well known and used because it is cheap, only $59.99/year with unlimited storage. However, today we can no longer register this plan.

Now, with $11.99/year, you get 100GB of storage, with $59.99/year only 1TB. Customers can register up to 30TB at a cost of $1799.7/year.

Along with that, Amazon has also eliminated the $12/year of photo and video storage plan. Prime members still use unlimited photo as part of Amazon’s policy, similar to Google Photos Unlimited hosting.

These new Amazon plans will officially come out this Thursday, with old customers who have signed up for unlimited storage plan continue to be used until the expiration date. Then, if your storage capacity is less than 1TB, it will be automatically transferred to this plan.

Amazon first introduced an unlimited storage plan in March of 2015 to compete directly with cloud storage providers, rocking the market for data storage services at that time. This change of Amazon occurred after a time when Microsoft removed Unlimited OneDrive.

Apple at WWDC17 this week also re-adjusted the iCloud service, doubling the size of the 1TB plan to 2TB, with the same price as $9.99/month. The lower plans include 50GB for $0.99/month and 200GB for $2.99/month.

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