Amazon has acquired the domain name

So Amazon has achieved its dream of acquiring the domain name for its Cloud service.

Amazon’s Cloud service is called Amazon Web Services, often abbreviated as AWS. Since Amazon has not been able to get .COM domain name for it, the company chose to use the subdomain as the service launch page and .AWS domain, for example BuildOn.AWS in advertising campaigns.

Therefore, Amazon has always wanted to buy

Finally, last week, around the 11th and 12th of September, officially changed owner, Amazon. The information is recorded on DomainTools. was first registered in 1995 and is owned by AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as Automated Weather Source). However, determining the domain owner is actually quite complex, the seller seems to belong to a company called Earth Networks that manages the website owned by GroundTruth.

The Whois information on the 2001 DomainTools shows that Automated Weather Source is the owner. However, the following data only shows general information only.

This morning, the domain name has not been put into operation.

There is no official information on the amount of money Amazon has to spend to exchange this domain but I guess it costs too much.

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