.BIZ domain is only $2.99 at Name.com – cheapest in the world

First appearing in Name.com‘s Domain Happy Hour promotion, the .BIZ domain is heavily discounted, to $2.99/year.

.BIZ domain is currently $5.99 at Name.com, which is pretty cheap. But in 2 hours, at 3 p.m – 5 p.m MDT (UTC-6) on Thursday, you can buy domain name for only $2.99/year – Down more than 75% compared to usual.

.BIZ domain name is currently not commonly used as .COM, .NET, but they can also be registered as satellite sites. This is the cheapest price on the market at this moment so please buy it. Unlimited quantity.

Click the button below to go to the registration page

.BIZ domain only $2.99 at Name.com

  • The promotional price applies for the first year, the renewal rates for the following years are $12.99/year.
  • Payment can be made with both PayPal and Visa / Master cards.

The procedure of joining is very simple, at the right time frame, there will be a shared frame on Domain Happy Hour. Just click Share or Tweet the coupon code will appear allowing you to use to register new .BIZ domain.

When you register, please remove the Privacy, after registering the domain, then order and use the code PRIVACYPLEASE will be hidden domain information free.

Good luck!

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