[Black Friday] OVH decides to play big in 24 hours, up to 50% off for lifetime on VPS & Dedicated Servers

Do not last many days and promote many types of services as in previous years, this year OVH focused only on core services are VPS and Dedicated Servers only.

OVH’s Black Friday program is only available in 24 hours. At the time of this post, only 20 more hours.

VPS & Dedicated Server here is very good, the reasonable price so the Coupontree members choose to use a lot. Only problem is that customer support is a bit slow.

The promotions on OVH’s website are similar, but the discount is different. As far as I’m aware, OVH is discounting more when ordering from ASIA location links, it seems they are favoring this area. Example 2 links below:

With the VPS 2 SSD, the ASIA link costs $4.00, the rest is $5.50. However, the VPS SSD service will not have the new Singapore location, which is much anticipated in this promotion. Dedicated Servers | SP-32-S plan only, is offering a 50% discount, only $35.99 for the first month of location in Singapore.

In general, Black Friday this year, OVH has no location Singapore for VPS SSD, but anyone using VPS to serve international customers, or not care about the location is still good.

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