[Black Friday] RamNode donates $10 Credit

No deal discount of 10-15% lifetime as last year, this year, RamNode joined the Black Friday Festival with a free $10 Credit when ordering VPS.

Last year there was only one promotion from RamNode for Virtual Dedicated Servers, so anyhow they tried to arrange a deal for customers like this is good.

RamNode is one of the cheap, good quality VPS providers I have trusted over the years. Although the OpenVZ or KVM package is very stable, the uptime can be up to several years and still run smoothly. Unfortunately only the US location, no ASIA.

If you have not used RamNode yet, why not try this promotion out?

When ordering any VPS for >= $5 and using the BLACK10 coupon code, you will get an additional $10 of Credit Free for renewal or new registration.

Credit will be added within 24 hours and applied only to new orders, each customer is used only one coupon.

Visit RamNode here: https://www.ramnode.com

There are many other great Black Friday promotions. Remember to always visit CouponTree and 2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions special page to update information timely!

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