Can .TOP domain hold the No. 1 position?

After the dramatic decline of .XYZ, .TOP officially became the new domain name with the highest number of registrations.

As of yesterday, 24/8/2017, according to, there are currently 2,427,094 .TOP domains registered successfully, .XYZ is in second place with 2,236,090 domains.

Watching the market, I noticed that people still prefer .TOP domain rather than .XYZ domain. However, is the renewal rate for .TOP domain high?

The chart above shows that, similar to .XYZ, .TOP peaked at 4.5 million domains by the end of 2016, but then dropped continuously. Although not a sudden drop as XYZ but so far, there is no sign of rising again.

Among the top 10 new domains with the highest number of registrations also are .CLUB (998,746), .ONLINE (704,273), .VIP (618,549),the 5th, 6th and 7th place respectively. These extensions are not hot and the total is not as much as .XYZ or .TOP, but I personally think they will grow more sustainably.

.CLUB and .ONLINE are often cheap, from only $0.88 at Namecheap and .VIP since it first appeared on the market, although the price has never been so low but it is a favorite of China, with a very high renewal rate, up to 75%.

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