Can transfer domain name to Cloudflare, super cheap price

If you follow the news on, you should know that Cloudflare is selling domain names. The good news is that we have been able to transfer domain names to here from today.

I have not seen Cloudflare announce the domain registration process, and transfer feature is right in the Cloudflare Dashboard administration, we can do by clicking the Start Transferring Now button as the image shown above. Or click on Domain Registration in the top menu.

The transfer price is the same as the new registration fee as well as the renewal fee. As promised, Cloudflare will sell at the at-cost price, wholesale price, in addition to the required ICANN fee, you will not be charged anything else. Therefore, the price of Cloudflare domain will be the cheapest in the world. Of course not including the promotions of other providers.

Price list of some popular domain names are as follows:

As far as I see, Cloudflare has just begun allowing transfers with domains added to Cloudflare accounts, and there is no way to enter other domains. Therefore, you need to add the domain name to Cloudflare before transferring.

In addition, if you have not added the payment card information, you will also encounter the following error message:

Just click the add a payment method link and enter the card information is ok.

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