The Best Cheap Web Hosting Services in 2019

CouponTree would like to introduce you the list of The Best Cheap Web Hosting Services in 2018 so that you can choose the supplier that suits your needs. These are the prestigious hosting providers in the world, are appreciated for many years, especially the service price is very cheap.

The hosting market for users has changed quite a lot in the past few years. Many vendors previously preferred by users like A Small Orange, Hostgator no longer retain the quality. Famous vendors such as Hawk Host, StableHost or A2Hosting retained their place thanks to stable quality, many promotions.

The Best Cheap Web Hosting Services in 2019


Hawk Host is a well known Hosting brand in the world and is especially favored in Asia.

Notably, from 2016 Hawk Host pioneered the Datacenter in Hong Kong, giving access speeds from Asia up to five times faster than its direct competitor, StableHost.

If StableHost and Hostgator were prioritized by the user community, then in 2016, Hawk Host will become the #1 cheap website hosting provider in the user’s preferred hosting list.

In addition to the cheapest price on the list, Hawk Host is also featured by regular promotions from 30% -> 70% regardless of old or new customers, as well as fast and enthusiastic support.

Remarkable parameters:

  • There are two PRIMARY ($2.99/month), PROFESSIONAL ($7.99/month) packages.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains and Unlimited Space (for Professional Packages)
  • Using the latest version of cPanel to optimize the management and installation of the website.
  • Built-in SSL Let’s Encrypt for each domain, automatically activate and renew.
  • Built-in CloudFlare CDN in cPanel, easy to enable.
  • The popular accelerator service is Memcached Server, Redis.
  • LiteSpeed Server support – speeds faster than Apache 900%
    Payment is made by both Paypal and Credit Card. Easy 30 Day Refund!


  • Stable speed, great speed if you are in Asia and select location for hosting is Singapore, Hong Kong
    The PRIMARY package still runs an unlimited number of websites.
  • Hawk Host regularly offers coupon discounts ranging from 30% to 80%, monthly or annually payments are available, including a lifetime coupon.
  • Easy registration, support for HawkHost is fast and very easy (can apply for late payment or want to change to another location)

Promotion: 40% off for all customers!


  • Suitable for customers running many small websites, with websites with high traffic, HawkHost under load less than StableHost, A2Hosting.

*** Tips: If you find the hosting speed is unstable, contact support to transfer your hosting to another location (pretty fast and easy).

>>> Visit Hawk Host here.


Godaddy is the #1 domain provider in the world.

Their hosting service was not previously highly rated, but in recent years they have focused on upgrading hardware, software and support, so the quality has improved dramatically.

Most prominent is the cheap WordPress hosting package for just $1/month with a free domain name.

In fact, before, Godaddy also has Managed WordPress Hosting package for $1/mo and donated domain name. But it is optimized for WordPress and Datacenter only in the US, so speed is not optimal for other areas.

In the year 2017, Godaddy pushed up the hosting service in Asia with the launch of VPS, as well as the opening of the Datacenter in Singapore, which greatly accelerated access in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Price $12/year only equal to the price of buying a .COM/.NET domain, this promotion of Godaddy first look at buying domain names are given hosting.

But Godaddy’s hosting package is not bad, even faster than Hawk Host.


  • Donate .COM/.NET Domain, hosting + domain just equal the domain price.
  • Allow creation of sub-domains.
  • Cheap, good speed, stability level is very impressive.
  • Unlimited number of registrations, you can buy multiple hosting packages with a promotional price of $1/month for yourself or customers.


  • Only for small websites with moderate traffic.
  • No built-in SSL Let’s Encrypt in cPanel.

>>> Visit Godaddy Hosting here


If visitors are focused mainly in Europe and North America, A2Hosting is the #1 shared hosting. In these areas, the quality of A2Hosting is highly rated, even better than DreamHost.

The disadvantage of A2Hosting for users is that prices are usually higher than competitors like StableHost and Hawk Host, the packages that have data-centers in Asia of A2Hosting generally limit resources more rigidly than other areas. However, in the world, A2Hosting is at a higher level than the other two brands, both in terms of hardware, software, and size.

If you need a high-quality, fast, and reliable hosting to reach users in Europe and North America, A2Hosting is definitely a great choice.

A2Hosting regularly applies a 51% OFF promotion to new customers when paying on a yearly basis, so the price is reduced from $3.99/month.

The most valuable hosting package is SWIFT – unlimited parameters, the promotional price is only $5/month (lower than DreamHost 40% OFF).


    • Hardware and network infrastructure leading.
    • Very high speed, good load.
    • Use cPanel with CDN CloudFlare, free SSL.
    • Unlimited Space, Bandwidth, Websites, and Emails.
    • Donate $50 Bing/AdWords Credit.
    • Frequent promotions from 51% to 75%.
    • In particular, have cheap and very popular Windows Hosting.


  • Except for the SWIFT package, the remaining packages are quite high compared to the general price.

>>> Visit A2Hosting here


StableHost has long been a world-class cheap web hosting provider, especially trusted by many customers.

There are many different hosting packages, meeting all needs from personal blogs to professional websites, with high traffic.

Remarkable parameters:

  • There are 3 packages: STARTER ($4.95/month), PRO ($8.95/month) and PLATINUM ($29.95/month) corresponding to small to large traffics.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Space. From PRO pack upwards, Unlimited Domains.
  • There are cPanel, free Web Builder service, and SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt).
  • Support for popular accelerator services: Varnish Caching and Litespeed PHP Caching.


  • The speed is good and very stable, slightly more load than Hawkhost.
  • Stablehost regularly offers coupon discounts ranging from 50% to 75% lifetime.
  • Easy registration and fast, professional support.

>>> Check out StableHost’s latest promotional offers here.


  • Server locations are located in the US and the Netherlands, and after the Singapore location collapse, they have no Asian location. For users in Asia, for faster speeds, combine with CloudFlare CDN.
  • The STARTER package only runs a website.
  • Delayed payment will be punished by paying a fee (not as easy as Hawk Host).

>>> Visit StableHost here.


DreamHost is very popular in the world, is one of the few cheap web hosting services recommended by for many years.

The speed of DreamHost is good thanks to high-end hardware and excellent optimization technology, especially for WordPress source code.

DreamHost offers only one Hosting package and unlimited domains, space, and bandwidth.

Hosting service price at DreamHost is higher than StableHost and HawkHost but the quality of hosting here is highly appreciated, the load is very good and especially with each website you will be offered a free IP address, which is rare in other shared hosting services (it is good to build a satellite site for SEO).

Remarkable parameters:

  • Unlimited everything (Bandwidth, Space, Domains, Emails).
  • Absolute optimizations for WordPress.
  • Use your own management panel, quite easy to use after a few hours.
  • Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt), SVN (Subversion Repository) and $100 Google AdWords Credit.
  • Include 1 domain if paying from 1 year or more, especially, free Domain and Whois Privacy.


  • Good speed, and stable, extremely high load carrying capacity.
  • Every website you create will be added a free IP address (very good for SEO)
  • Regular coupons are discounted from 40% to 60%.
  • Easy registration, support through Livechat very fast, almost online 24/24.

>>> Check out DreamHost’s latest promotional offers here.


  • Do not use cPanel, take a moment to familiarize yourself with DreamHost’s own panel.
  • No Asian location, so speed for Asian users is not equal to HawkHost, Godaddy or A2Hosting.

>>> Visit DreamHost here.


The high-quality cheap hosting myths of webmasters have gone through the peak and are penniless on this list. Since the day EIG acquired, the quality of HostGator service is very much complained, making it difficult for customers to support here.

However, from 2015 up to now, the quality of Hostgator Hosting has improved quite well, the load capacity and access speed have improved gradually.

Currently, the number of users has been reduced, so it is no longer overloaded, Hostgator also confirmed that customers can buy Hosting services here easily and enthusiastically supported.


  • Good load bearing capacity.
  • Regularly discounted from 50%.

>>> Check out HostGator’s latest promotional offers here.


  • Slow support.
  • The only location in the USA. As with StableHost, you should enable CloudFlare CDN in cPanel, the speed of access in Asia will be improved.

>>> Visit HostGator here.

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