Cheddar revealed: Monaco paid $12 million for

An article by Tanaya Macheel on Cheddar revealed the sale price of the domain up to $12 million.

This transaction was reported by CouponTree a few days ago and is the domain name investors around the world interested.

According to the article, “Monaco, a Swiss electronic payment platform, paid $12 million for the domain as part of a branding strategy”.

If the actual price is $12 million, it will become the most expensive domain of the year, followed by for $ 1.2 million, from DNJournal. The price of is also ranked 9th in all of the largest domain names of all time, according to GoDaddy.

Although Matt Blaze has made some comments on selling his domain, it does not mention the price. Matt shares that he has no stake and is not related to Monaco’s business. Thus, this can be understood as purely transaction.

According to the information I received, this $12 million has not been confirmed by any of the parties involved. As such, it will not be put on the chart.

Will we have to wait for Monaco’s financial statements to see if there is any information related to this transaction?

You can watch the video on on

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