Chrome 68 launches, HTTP site marked “Not Secure”

Google has officially released the latest update to Chrome 68 web browser, showing all websites using HTTP as “Not secure”.

Previously, Chrome also showed this warning for some pages using the HTTP protocol that required users to fill information into the form, but since today, all websites that use the HTTP protocol, whether they have form filled or not, will display “Not Secure” to remind the user.

For now, to upgrade to Chrome version 68, just enter the chrome://settings/help address in the search bar, then the upgrade will be done automatically.

The “Not secure” warning will in part encourage security upgrades for websites using the HTTP protocol. In the Google Web HTTPS Encryption Report:

  • 77% of Chrome download pages on Android used HTTPS. This number for macOS and Windows is 83% and 76% respectively.
  • 83/100 top sites are using HTTPS.

In September, Chrome removed the phrase “Secure” in the address bar with HTTPS sites, leaving only the lock. Next in October, the “No Security” warning will even appear red when users enter data on HTTP pages.

If you do not know about HTTPS, this is a secure version of HTTP, which encrypts all data exchanged between the user and the website during the transmission. The user’s information will be kept secure from third parties, avoiding disclosure of sensitive data such as login information, credit card information.

Currently, SSL certificates are getting cheaper, even Let’s Encrypt also use Free. It’s time to upgrade your website to HTTPS.

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