CloudCone adds more KVM VPS, priced at $2.26/mo, 512MB RAM

Another great new option for people who are looking to use VPS/Server is CloudCone.

CloudCone is a Cloud Hosting Provider with Cloud VPS Hourly Key Services, WordPress Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers. Previously, CloudCone had only Xen VPS, and added a new VPS KVM service so the offer is very cheap.

Xen server minimum configuration: $1.67/mo, 1 core, 256M RAM, 5G, 3T traffic, 1Gbps port

KVM server minimum configuration: $2.26/mo, 1 core, 512M RAM, 5G, 3T traffic, 1Gbps port

When creating a server, you have the option of configuring the CPU, RAM, Disk and IPv4 numbers, depending on the amount of money that will cost differently. As far as I see, with KVM VPS:

  • CPU: $0.0015/hour
  • RAM: $0.0006/hour
  • Disk: $0.00025/hour
  • IPv4: $0.00069/hour

Bandwidth applies to all packets is 3TB, too much, 500 Gb/s dedicated Dedicated Anti-DDoS service is $2/month. The best of these is probably IP pricing, which is only $0.5/month/IP.

You can register and experience CloudCone KVM VPS here.

CloudCone Network

  • Looking Glass:
  • Status Page:
  • Network Information:

Network Features

  • 200 multiple Tier 1 transit providers such as AmazonGoogle FiberJapan TelecomEtisalatHutchisonTATA Communications and China Telecom
  • BGP4 Best-Path routing
  • Customized routing policies per customer
  • Latency based routing optimization
  • Redundant connections and divergent path fiber-optic connections to carriers including Level3CogentSavvisACETATAChina Unicom
  • Automatic fault detection and re-routing

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