Comodo PositiveSSL certificate is very cheap, only $4.62/year at GoGetSSL

Namecheap promo cheap price PositiveSSL service, only $2.65 the first year, renewal next year price up to $9, quite high. However, you have another better option is GoGetSSL.

Right at the beginning of CouponTree switch to HTPPS, I used Let’s Encrypt. However, because PositiveSSL supports more types of browsers, I decided to order this Comodo certificate.

Comodo SSL certificates usually have large promotions for orders with a maximum duration of 3 years.

  • Namecheap‘s price is $2.65 the first year when ordering a year and buying a domain.
  • The price of GoGetSSL is $4.62/year when ordering 3 years (probably the cheapest).
  • The price of CheapSSLSecurity is $ 4.99/year when ordering 3 years.
  • The price of SSLs (Private Brand Namecheap) is $4.99/year when ordering for 3 years.

The same PositiveSSL certificate is appropriate for personal websites, each agent has different prices so you choose the cheapest place to register.

If you’re new to the web, Let’s Encrypt (or CloudFlare) is a great choice. When you want to be more professional, use a paid SSL service with PositiveSSL. You can register the first year in Namecheap for the cheapest price, the next year when you want to extend the transfer to GoGetSSL for cheap.

Good luck!!!

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