domain has been sold

According to sources at TechCrunch, the domain has been sold for millions of dollars.

In March, Matt Blaze, the owner of the domain, received numerous offers to buy, but he still refused to sell. It seems that things have changed, domain name was acquired by a company operating in the field of electronic money, Monaco acquired.

The specific acquisition price is not announced, but the high probability is that this domain name is not only acquired by cash. “If it’s just a matter of money, Matt has been selling the domain name for a long time“, CEO Monaco – Kris Marszalek shared with TechCrunch.

According to a survey from the Domain Name Investor community, more than one-third of the participants rated over $10 million and over 50% rated it at least $5 million.

The domain was immediately used by Monaco. Previously, Monaco used Mona.CO as the main website. Now it has been moved to the MCO white paper page, which has the address is a special domain that any company wants to own. With this deal, surely both sides are happy.

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