Dediserve 50% off lifetime coupon code, register quickly

On the occasion of the expansion of the datacenter in Oslo, Norway, as usual, Dediserve has launched a coupon, a 50% off lifetime on all of Resource Pool packages.

This promotion only applies monthly billing cycle, Resource Pools register (add IP, subdivide VPS) to all locations.

Promotion too good so you should not miss it!

Click the button below to receive promo code and register now:


The promotion will end at 24h00 on 13/5/2017.

Dediserve has very few promotions, each period usually ends soon before the deadline so you quickly order. Pay by PayPal account or Visa/Master card.

Dediserve’s VPS can install Windows, however you have to add more  $21/month for license fee, high cost, not used. If you still want to use Windows then Vultr VPS is the cheapest.

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