DediServe opens new Tokyo location, 50% off lifetime all services

Tokyo, Japan is always my first choice when registering for Cloud VPS, now we will have an additional choice next to the familiar names.

Cloud VPS here has high ping because of the very stable network infrastructure. Now, besides Vultr, Linode, DigitalOcean we can also select DediServe every time we want to create servers in Japan.

DediServe places server in the Equinix TY2 datacenter, high security, stable and robust network, and connects to 9 other datacenters in Tokyo.

On this occasion, DediServe launches a 50% discount on all services in the Tokyo, Japan area when using the JP2018 coupon code.

Note this time DediServe limited location, only use this coupon with Tokyo, Japan.

Visit DediServe here.

Looking Glass:

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