.DEV exceeded 100,000 domain names successfully registered

After more than 1 week of open sales, there are now more than 100,000 .DEV domain names registered successfully.

The exact number at the time of preparation of this article is 102,367 registered DEV domain names.

.DEV is an extension managed by the giant Google and has been officially registered since February 28, 2019 at a very soft price – only from $11. Since then, less than 2 weeks, more than 102,000 domains have been purchased. This number is nothing compared to the rocket speed of .VIP 3 years ago but it was also very good compared to many other new extensions.

There are many reasons for .DEV to easily reach the first 100,000 domain landmark that can be mentioned.

– First, it’s about meaning. .DEV is very much interested in website development/software because it shows the nature of their work. With a .DEV domain, you can use it not only for your company website but also for your personal website, create an online CV or introduce your products.

– The second is about price. The price offered for a .DEV domain name is really acceptable. It is not too low, nor too high to make people turn their backs but it is very affordable (both registration and renewal).

– The third reason, as I see it, is that the .DEV domain has a huge backing from the big Google. Not only does it retain a lot of domains for its services, Google also donates free .DEV domains for those who join this year’s Google I/O event. If you notice, you’ll notice that up to 44% of all domain names are registered at Google Domains itself (ntldstats.com statistics); followed by Namecheap with 16% and GoDaddy of 11%.

Certainly, each person will have their own judgment for this extension but I personally think that it will develop very quickly in the future. The ability to catch up soon with .APP (currently has more than 370,000 domains) – the extension was introduced by Google in 5/2018.

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