DigitalOcean adds the Custom Image feature for users to upload operating system to VPS

Finally, after a long time of waiting, DigitalOcean has added the Custom Image feature, allowing users to upload ISO files and install their operating system.

n contrast to DigitalOcean, from the very beginning of Vultr has a Custom ISO feature allows users to manually upload the ISO file containing the operating system to the server to install VPS. We can even install Windows on Vultr from XP to Windows 10 or Windows Server versions.

Until today, we have officially seen this feature on DigitalOcean.

When you log into your DigitalOcean account, you will see another menu named Images in the left column, used to manage your Custom Images. You can upload directly to the server, or import via direct link.

When creating Droplet, there will be an option that allows you to select the uploaded image file to install for VPS.

The image files here are stored at a cost of $0.05/GB per month, but as soon as you have created the VPS with Image, deleting this file will not be charged.

Surely the first question many people will think of is whether they can install Windows on DigitalOcean’s VPS. Sorry, not yet. DigitalOcean supports only Linux operating systems that use ext3/4 system files and has a 0.7b, cloudbase-init, coreos-cloudinit, ignition, or bsd-cloudinit installed using the import tool only.

Visit DigitalOcean here.

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