DigitalOcean introduces Spaces, free 2 months trial

After a Beta test run, DigitalOcean has officially launched Spaces service, which offers a free 2-months trial.

Spaces (or Object Storage) is a solution designed by DigitalOcean to store big data at a cheap cost, easy to use, no installation, complex server configuration. Spaces operate as a standalone service, it automatically raises the storage capacity if the limit is exceeded.

Spaces are suitable for people who need to upload to share large data such as audio, video, photos, backups. After creating Space, you can upload files directly in the management interface of DigitalOcean, but I still feel a bit slow and lag operation, in the coming time will be improved better.

If you do not want to upload using the UI web interface, you can use tools like Transmit (Mac) and Cyberduck (Windows, Mac) or command line tools like s3cmd (Linux, Mac, Bash on Windows). There are full detailed connection instructions here.

Each Space will have its own HTTPS link for you to use privately or to share with others as public. Now you only create Space with location in NYC3.

Spaces currently has only one $5/month basic package with 250 GB storage capacity, 1 TB transfer bandwidth and free full server up to the end of November 19.

You can join the service experience here, detailed instructions here.

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