DigitalOcean Memory-Optimized Droplets Are Now Generally Available

Your apps’ performance and stability can depend greatly on the characteristics of the infrastructure you use. That’s why, over the past few years, DigitalOcean has introduced both General Purpose and CPU-Optimized Droplets. Yet, while these new Droplet types make DigitalOcean a great fit for all sorts of new use cases, they don’t address every business need. So DigitalOcean is making one more virtual machine instance type generally available: the Memory-Optimized Droplet, with memory and dedicated compute in a ratio of 8GB:1vCPU.

As of today, Memory-Optimized Droplets are Generally Available in the following data centers: New York (NYC1, NYC3), San Francisco (SFO2), and Amsterdam (AMS3).DigitalOcean expects to add these Droplet types in Singapore (SGP1) over the next few weeks, and other data centers in the coming months.

Spin up some Memory-Optimized Droplets today

If you’re a DigitalOcean user, you’ll see the option to create Memory-Optimized Droplets after you sign into your account. From there, you can spin up your VMs in just 55 seconds or less.

Or, if you’d like to have a conversation about using DigitalOcean and Memory-Optimized Droplets for your business, feel free to contact the sales team.

We hope you give Memory-Optimized Droplets a try, and that you never never run out of RAM ever again!

>>> Spin Up A Memory-Optimized Droplet

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