DigitalOcean reconstructs price list, doubles the RAM, adds more capacity

So DigitalOcean launched a new plan is purposeful. Today, the company’s website has official information.

More than a year ago, Linode, Vultr, and Ramnode, respectively, changed the plan in favor of customers by doubling the amount of RAM, adding more SSD storage. Finally, the day we have come to expect, DigitalOcean has officially changed, completely restructuring the price list.

All three types of servers in DigitalOcean (Standard, High CPU, and High Memory Droplets) are changed in new prices, old formula is doubled RAM + added capacity. These changes take effect immediately in the Cloud Control Panel and API.

Standard Droplets

This is the most popular, most used server on DigitalOcean, with CPU, RAM and SSD balancing; Suitable for people who develop website, server app…

With this change, there are 14 new plans for us to choose from:

As you can see, DigitalOcean has designed three plans with the same price of $15/month, the same SSD capacity storage but the combination of RAM and CPU are different.

Optimized Droplets

High CPU Plans were introduced by DigitalOcean 6 months ago uses the most powerful CPUs for performance four times higher than the Standard Droplets.

In this change, High CPU Droplets were renamed to Optimized Droplets, adding more memory and SSD, the price was constant. In the future, DigitalOcean will probably design some other plans to optimize performance not only CPU but also RAM, SSD anymore.

The current price list for Optimized Droplets is as follows:

With the upgrade by adding more RAM and SSD of Standard Plans, High Memory Plans will end the life cycle here. All active Plans will continue to be maintained at the same price until you destroy.

Second billing

The concept of hourly billing is out, this year DigitalOcean will launch billing system using the second billing. This means you are only charged for the time spent using the VPS, accurate to the second.

What do you think about this change of DigitalOcean? Please leave a comment!

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