DigitalOcean VPS Review: Cheap, High Speed, Stable

After more than 2 years of continuous use and experience, I also have some DigitalOcean VPS reviews on the quality of service as well as some other accompanying factors.

DigitalOcean is on the market for cheap VPS quite long and is used by many users in the world with many positive reviews. So what of DigitalOcean make them so famous? First of all, we will learn about them.

What is DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean is a technology startup by the end of 2011 founded by Ben Uretsky. They have become a provider of Cloud Server services and infrastructure solutions for developers.

DigitalOcean’s headquarter is located in New York with a number of data centers in Amsterdam, San Francisco, New York, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, and Singapore.

In 2013, DigitalOcean has taken a big step forward in becoming the leading cheap VPS provider in the world.

DigitalOcean VPS Review

Advantages of DigitalOcean VPS:

  • Use SSDs for ultra-fast data access (250 times faster than conventional hard drives).
  • Cheap price with many different packages (lowest at only $5 to own a 512RAM VPS, 1TB bandwidth).
  • Regularly release coupon codes for newbies.
  • If you cancel your VPS, you only lose money for the time you have used.
  • Intuitive, easy to use management interface.
  • Fast support through the ticket system.
  • Create a very fast VPS (just 55 seconds).
  • Backup/Restore easily.
  • Support 2-factor authentication, more security when login.
  • Payment can be made via Paypal.
  • The tutorial library is richer than any other vendor. DigitalOcean has the policy to pay  50/post to encourage users to write a tutorial for them.

Disadvantages DigitalOcean VPS:

  • Low storage capacity due to high cost of SSD.
  • No VPS management service.
  • No live chat, but support via ticket is very fast.
  • Some visa cards are not accepted.
  • No auto backup, if you want to take an extra fee0 $1/month.
  • The policy of strict management, you will easily lock the account, delete the VPS if the violation of their terms. Absolutely not use coupon code to register multiple accounts.

You can test the speed of DigitalOcean datacenters with the links below:

In conclusion, you should use DigitalOcean if you are in need of upgrading Shared Hosting to VPS. If you do not know how to start, visit the DigitalOcean homepage and use the DigitalOcean coupons that I have collected.

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