[Flash Sale] Domain name only from $1.99 at GoDaddy

Last week in February, GoDaddy suddenly launched a flash sale – discount a series of domain names, the price is only from $1.99/year.

In this sale, there will be 18 different extensions divided into 3 price levels: $1.99, $2.99 and $4.99. I noticed some extensions like .CLUB, .ONLINE, .BIZ, .VIP, .PRO, .SHOP are greatly reduced. If you are in need, then take this opportunity to register at the world’s largest domain name provider.

List of discounted domain names is as follows:

Sale price Domain

*** No need to use coupon code.

>> Go to GoDaddy and register now


  • Promotional price only applies for the first year.
  • Each domain name registered you will pay an additional $0.18 ICANN fee.
  • Payable by both PayPal account and Visa/Master card.

Although there is no .COM or .NET domain name in this sale, you can buy several domains with various extensions to make satellite websites very well. I’m not sure when the promotion will end so you need to buy as soon as possible!

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