Domain names will soon be FREE Whois Privacy

It is likely that from now until the end of the year, we will no longer have to pay to use the domain name information hidden service (Whois Privacy service) anymore.

Recently, ICANN has proposed a new Whois model that can hide domain name information such as name, address, email, phone number.

If this new model is actually applied, every time someone searches on a domain’s Whois information, there will be only some of the information displayed publicly as: the information of the domain name provider; name of organization/company (if any), general address such as state/province/city and country of applicant, date of registration/expiry, etc, other personal informations will not be shown, except the email address will be changed anonymously.

Specifically as image below:

Can be seen, basically with the new model, the information displayed will be relatively similar to the domain is using the current information hidden services. Anyone who wants to see your Whois domain information in some way will need ICANN permission to do so.

Of course, domain registrants can choose to make public or hide information depending on the purpose of use, this rule will not be 100% mandatory. I find it quite flexible and reasonable. Hopefully this new model will soon be adopted and there will be more detailed instructions and instructions for users to know.

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