Domain registration forever, what do you think?

A new domain service has just been approved by ICANN, now you can own the domain forever, not worry about forgetting to renew or find transfer deals. has become the first registrar licensed by ICANN to provide this permanent domain name registration service.

This is the idea came from CEO Rob Monster of with the aim to bring peace of mind when registering their domain name. It will ensure that the domain is automatically renewed, guaranteeing ownership if something unexpected happens to the owner. When you register for a permanent domain name, you can also choose to come with a lifetime hosting package to keep your website running. Domain names will become a permanent asset.

Most popular extensions like .COM, .NET, .BIZ, .INFO will be able to be registered with this service and the current offer price is $420 per domain. With a one time fee of $420, you will be able to own your domain forever. Comes with domain names are information security services, forwarding services and unlimited subdomains.

Now, instead of paying $10 a year for 42 years to own a domain (at a fixed price) you only have to pay one time and peace of mind to develop a website and find a business direction effectively.

Typically, the price of domain names will increase once every few years, however at a price of $ 420 users will still have to consider before deciding to register.

Several decades is not a short time, say anything is a lifetime. But many businesses have decades of age. A long-term, well-maintained website represents the existence of that business.

Please refer to Epik’s full domain name registration service here.

What an interesting idea. However, personally, this idea can become feasible and used by many people, not only Epik, but also other companies involved in providing services. Users will have more options, more peace of mind when problems occur.

Say there is a problem here not only on the service provider but also on the subscriber. What if Epik did not work or Rob sold the company and changed the policy? What if you find yourself dissatisfied with Epik’s service and want to transfer? At this time policy, price, how to leave?

And you think about this new service ?!

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