DomainTools reaches 1 billion domains, sharing many useful information

DomainTools has recorded 1 billion domains in their database. This information is widely reported by DomainTools, and some good share.

A few weeks ago, DomainTools rolled out 1 billion domains in the database. However, at present, only about 350 million domains exist. This also means that nearly twice the number has been deleted or expired without being registered or renewed.

Even more interesting is that DomainTools also confirmed that NO ONE can know the exact number of domain names are available on the Internet. Pretty easy to understand.

You will see, some high-level domain names are widely publicized by the parent company statistics, the rest, almost none. Or if you see the statistics on the different sites will also have differences. Difference is not worth thinking about at the same time, there will be many newly registered domains with the deleted domains, almost impossible to control immediately.

Here are some of the highlights that have been shared by DomainTools:

    • As the most popular domain name, the most registered .COM also has the most terrible number of deleted – 434 million domains.
    • For new extensions, with a small number of registrations, .REALTY has the highest deletion rate – 97%; .BOSTON has a very low erase rate, only 0.3%.
    • With country domain names (ccTLDs) in different regions, the numbers of registration are also quite different:
      Region ccTLD number
      Europe > 110 million domains
      Australia > 54 million domains
      Asia > 44 million domains
      South America > 16 million domains
      North America > 14 million domains*
      Africa > 12 million domains

      * The 14 million registered domains in North America are mostly from Canada and Mexico, and .COM is still the most popular domain in the United States.

    • Top 10 clusters appear in most domains – more than 700 times:
      1. amazon
      2. bitcoin
      3. www
      4. whatsapp
      5. blockchain
      6. microsoft
      7. yahoo
      8. mail
      9. oculusrift
      10. google
    • In addition, there are also 150 other character clusters that regularly appear in other registered domains – at least 500 of which are interesting characters such as “iot” ,”startup” ,”hello”” ,”Cannabis” ,”the” and “matt”.

If you do not know, DomainTools is a company with a starting point Whois domain name service has been operating for 17 years. Along with Whois information, they store history records, monitor and analyze data, providing very useful tools for Webmasters and Domainers.

When I first learned about the Internet, I used the tools of the DomainTools very often, but recently their records are cached for a long time, so I switched to other tools, such as

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