DreamPress Review – Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting service of DreamHost

Referring to the Managed WordPress Hosting Service, many people will immediately think of hosting services that cost as much as several dozen dollars a month. Actually, WordPress Managed Hosting services such as WPEngine, WebSynThesis, Page.Ly are priced at least $20/month and want to run a blog with big traffic will need around $250/month, I have already tried.

Basically the main reason that you pay a high price for Managed Hosting services is that it will charge you based on the visit, and if you use too much it will automatically draw money out of your card, this is called: Overage.

However, what I’m going to review here for everyone will be able to overcome this disadvantage, meaning you only need to spend a certain amount that you can use comfortably without fear of Overage, Quality is like any other service and even without limit plugin. That is the DreamPress – Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting service of DreamHost.

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What is DreamPress?

DreamPress is a new Managed WordPress Hosting service launched by DreamHost. This is a special DreamHost solution to serve users who use WordPress by providing them with a host package that uses resources from the VPS and is best configured to work well with WordPress and increase security.

Highlight features of DreamPress

  • Setup a new WordPress page with just one click.
  • Use resources from VPS instead of Shared Host.
  • Optimized for WordPress.
  • Automatically configures W3 Total Cache.
  • Unlimited plugin/theme installations.
  • Supported by WordPress experts at DreamHost.

DreamPress Detail Review

Information about the website used for testing

The host plan is tested on the domain videohocwordpress.com with the source code of Thachpham.com, including a 1.3MB theme, 49 plugins enabled, and the total size is 430MB including image.


As far as I can see, this DreamPress plan has servers in the US and here’s a photo of each region speed report.

Detailed analysis in the US: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/bU1azX/videohocwordpress.com

Detailed analysis in the EU: thttp://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/5fzAq/videohocwordpress.com

Detailed analysis in the Southeast Asia: http://www.websitetest.com/ui/tests/530fdf640c5372762e000005/samples/530fdf85f5c65e774d0004b1

Detailed analysis at GTMetrix: http://gtmetrix.com/reports/videohocwordpress.com/PKVFD3Ah

And one more checking result with Siege

Speed Conclusion: About the speed of DreamPress, I evaluated 8/10 because the source used to test also heavy, many images but in return I have activated the DreamPress caching features such as Object cache, PageSpeed, etc.


DreamPress’s Uptime is very good, at least 100% of which has not been dropped for a few testing weeks.


With DreamHost from the past, though, I do not like the Shared Host because it’s very slow, but I have to admit that they support pretty fast through live chat and almost 24/7.

If you use DreamPress, when you need support, you will be redirected to a more experienced WordPress expert, and you can ask them to check which plugins consume a lot of resources to turn off or security tips.


Currently, if compared with the price of DreamPress with A2Hosting, DreamPress has a premium double (about $17/month for smallest plan).

Compared to other services like WPEngine, WebSynthesis, DreamPress is still too cheap because they do not limit the number of visitors to charge more.

Disadvantages of DreamPress

  • No cPanel support.
  • Only 1 website/1 database/plan is supported.
  • Does not support WP Super Cache, only supports W3 Total Cache.
  • FTP username is hard to remember.
  • Installing WordPress automatically takes a little longer, about 25 minutes.
  • There is no Stagging Area like WPEngine.
  • There is no automatic backup like WPEngine.


Use or not: Yes!


At such a price for a Managed WordPress Hosting service like DreamPress of DreamHost, I think it is worth the money, rather than WPEngine. Of course, for some people, the price is high but remember that Managed WordPress Hosting is essentially a VPS, not a Shared Hosting, so it’s best not to compare.

So now, if you need a speed optimized host, do not pay much attention to the technology, then you can choose DreamPress and if there is any problem, just ask their technical support. Of course, only applies to people who really have the investment, if you need to Shared Hosting, I think you should choose A2Hosting, Hawk Host or StableHost for saving.

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