Dynadot exceeded 1 million domains

This August marked the historic breakthrough of Dynadot when the landmark milestone 1 million domains registered.

On 8/8/2018, the day with three beautiful eight digits is also the day Dynadot became one of the few providers of domain names of ICANN has a high growth rate and a total of 1 million domains.

To this historic milestone, Dynadot has been striving to continuously improve its service quality. Specifically, in the past year, the company has implemented:

  • Discount for domain (.COM only $6.99, .NET only $7.85) – both registration and renewal;
  • Free hidden information service;
  • Improved, updated control panel to easily manage the domain.

From the beginning of 2018 until now, the cheap price for .COM domain is still being maintained. Perhaps this also helps Dynadot attract more customers. The total number of domain names registered for 3 months, from March 2018 to June 2018, increased by 100,000 domains, and peaked in the same amount for the next two months, August 2018. Previously, to achieve this number, Dynadot has taken years.

Todd Han, president and chief executive of Dynadot, said that it is possible to make such change policies forceful because they have no capital to invest from outside, no debt owed to any organization. It also means that you can independently make the most beneficial changes for your customers.

Although not a famous name, but recently Dynadot gradually get more customers. I see right at CouponTree, there are also many people who are interested in Dynadot.

Have you tried the service here? Please share your feelings about Dynadot with everyone!

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