End of October, .BIZ domain names will increase in price

If you own the .BIZ domain name, you definitely need to read this post!

.BIZ domain name, short for “Business”, is often used as a satellite site for e-commerce sites, companies or small business store websites. Not only that, once, .BIZ domain name is also a favorite domain for entertainment forums. Although not as popular as .COM or .NET, I believe .BIZ domain still gives a certain value to those who own it.

For those who have a .BIZ domain name, please consider renewing it in the next 2 weeks. From the beginning of November, the price of this extension – including new registration, renewal and transfer will officially increase by 10%. This is a basic increase due to the company owner of .BIZ – Neustar notice and confirmation to the registrars.

Each year, .BIZ domain name will increase in price once with an increase of about 10%, so if you still determine the long-term use of this extension, you should extend it for several years to save the most.

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