End of Q2/2017, added 9.2 million .COM, .NET domains on the Internet

Verisign has just released its business results report as well as its analysis for the domain name market, which reported that 9.2 million .COM and .NET domain names have been added.

Q2/2017 recorded 331.9 million domain names successfully registered on the Internet, increase 1.3 million domain names compared to Q1/2017. Compared to the same period in 2016, the total number of domain names increased by 6.7 million domain names, or 2.1%.

Total national domain names also reached 144.2 million, up 0.8% and 2.6% respectively Q1/2017 and Q2/2016.

And Verisign’s .COM and .NET domains added 9.2 million domain names in the second quarter of 2017, bringing the total number of .COM, .NET to 144.3 million.

Of the 144.3 million domain names, 129.2 million .COM domain names and 15.1 million .NET domain names.

As of June 30, 2017, the top five domain names are favorites, the most registered are .COM, .CN, .TK, .DE and. NET. For the new extensions, .TOP and .XYZ are still the top two domains, accounting for 33.4% of the total number of new domains in the market.

>> See detailed analysis here.

Verisign’s business

Turnover reached $289 million, equivalent to Q1/2017, up 0.7% compared to Q2/2016. Net profit is $123 million, earnings per share is $0.99, compared with the same period in 2016 slightly increased. The previous year’s figures were $113 million and $0.87 respectively.

Operating margin declined compared to the same period last year, only 60.6% (down 0.9%).

The total value of cash, cash equivalents and other highly liquid short-term securities was $1.8 billion, up $ 11 million from the end of 2016.

Net cash flow from operating activities was $181 million, increase of 8.38% over Q2/2016.

In the fiscal first quarter of 2017, Verisign expects the .COM and .NET domain renewals to reach 72.2%, but the end result is higher than expected – up to 72.5%. A good number for Q1 earnings results. The company also announced the expected renewal rate in Q2, which is a slight increase to 73.9%.

It can be seen, Verisign’s second quarter business is not so prominent but still maintain the revenue and profit equivalent to Q1. Hopefully in the second half of the year the numbers will improve.

It is also important to note in the second quarter report that, as of February 1, 2018, .NET domain price will increase from $8.20 to $9.02. Please quickly renew to save money!

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