Epik discounts more than $100 when registering a domain name forever

If you remember, I introduced a forever domain name registration service at Epik.com last month for $420.

On this occasion, when registering .COM domain forever, you will have to spend $299 only, save up to $121 more than the normal price! Comes with domain names are information security services, forwarding services, and unlimited subdomains absolutely free.

No need to use any discount coupon, just go to Epik, select your favorite domain, and register it.

Click to Epik.com now!

Once registered successfully, you will never need to pay attention to domain renewal dates. There is no need to find a deal transfer for it anymore, absolutely free. The offer is valid until the end of Cyber Monday.

In addition, the provider is offering a .COM transfer price of $6.49 (equal to LCN). In particular, the reasonable price renewal is only $8.69. Domain names registered in Epik are also free of hidden information services. You can refer more.

In a few hours, Namecheap’s Cyber Monday promotion will officially begin, with 24 hours of boxing. Remember to set the alarm to return to CouponTree to get the domain name coupon for only $0.88/year. Check out all the Black Friday deals – Cyber Monday here.

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