[Flash Sale] .COM and .NET only $2.99, unlimited number

The Quartet: MyDomain, Dotster, Netfirms and Domain.com will continue to promote their customers with a great promotion for .COM & .NET domains just $2.99 only.

This time, all four providers: Domain.com, MyDomain, Dotster and Netfirms together discount domain .COM and .NET only $3.99/year, unlimited number. These are all subsidiaries of the EIG Group so the interface registers and manages the identical domain names.

However, I have found that using a 25% discount coupon: FilmRiot with Domain.com and domain promotion price is only $2.99. The remaining 3 providers have to pay the original price, no coupon code.

Sorry, this promotion does not apply to Domain Transfer!

The four providers together discount the price, of course we will only register at Domain.com. Click the link below to access and register now:

  1. https://www.domain.com
  2. https://mydomain.com
  3. https://dotster.com
  4. https://netfirms.com

Payment can be made by PayPal or Visa / Master card. Should pay by PayPal to have not to verify the card information.

I have checked the renewal price of each supplier is different, such as the price list below:

Domain.com MyDomain Netfirms Dotster
.COM $11.99 $12.99 $13.99 $17.49
.NET $15.99 $15.99 $15.99 $17.49

Obviously, you should first choose the provider that has the cheapest renewal price, to save money on long-term use. If you have a problem with payment refusal or fraud, contact Livechat for help. Old account will register easier, faster.

Update: Promotion has ended.

Good luck!

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