[Flash Sale] Hexonet discounts for .COM/.NET domain, only from $6.90

It took a long time to see Hexonet launch a Flash Sale for .COM and .NET domains, the price is only $6.90/year. Please register.

This special offer will be held within 24 hours, starting at 22h tonight 3/8/2018, special offers for .COM domain only $6.90 and .NET only $7.49.

Most of the cheaper providers for .COM and .Net domains now have a limited number of registrations, such as Exabytes (.COM – $3.99) or Rebel (.NET – $6.19). If you need to register a large number of domain names, please refer to this Hexonet offer, unlimited number of registrations.

Click the button below to go to the registration page

.COM/.NET domain only from $6.90 at Hexonet
  • Payment can be made by PayPal or Visa / Master card.
  • The promotion will end at 21h59 on 3/9/2018.
  • Promotion prices apply for the first year, renewals are $10.89 with domain .COM and $13.40 for .NET.

At the previous promotion, I tried to register the account in Hexonet, quite quickly, the management interface is also clear but have not tried to buy domain. If you have experience with this provider, leave a comment below to share with everyone. Thank you!

Have a nice day!

Update: Promotion has ended.

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