[Flash Sale] .NET domain for only $4.88 at Whois

In the last days of March, Whois.com offers customers the opportunity to buy .NET domain names at attractive prices – only $4.88.

Within the next 5 days, you can register a .NET domain for only $4.88/year – the cheapest price on the market. Typically, the price of .NET registration is $12.48 – that’s up to 60% off.

Although not mentioning the limit of the number of domain names that can be registered, I have tried 5 domain names that still have preferential prices.

>>> Go to Whois.com to register right here


  • Promotion price only applies for the first year, renewal is $12.48/year.
  • Pay with PayPal or Visa/MasterCard.
  • The promotion will end on 3/30/2020, no specific time.

In addition to Whois.com, you can also refer to the promotion of Name.com’s .NET domain name, which costs more than $1 but is free of information hidden service.

I wish you safety!

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