Free 1TB backup capacity at EUserv

EUserv Internet is offering free 1000GB of backup, music, videos and photos for 1 year.

On the occasion of the 2018 World Cup, EUserv Internet has released a special version of BackupHD 1T WME2018 with 1TB Free capacity for 1 year.

With BackupHD, you can comfortably store data on the dataservers of EUserv in Jena, Germany. Supports many data transfer protocols such as Rsync, FTP, WebDAV or Web interface.

Typically, this package is priced at 60.00 EUR so next year will have to renew with the same price. If you do not want to use anymore you have to cancel before 3 months. Each customer can only register 1 package.

View details and register here.

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