Free first year .NET domain when registering for 2 years at BigRock

This July, BigRock is continuing its incentive program for the .NET domain – FREE for the first year when registering for 2 years.

When registering .Net domain names with a 2 year period, remember to use the coupon below, you will be FREE the first year. The cost for .NET domain (tax included) for 2 years will be Rs636.02 ~ $9.81. Calculates only $4.9/year/.NET domain.

Unfortunately, coupons for .COM domain are no longer available, when used you will encounter a Coupon Usage Limit Exceeded error.

Click the button below to receive a coupon code


Payment picture:

If there is a need to use domain names for a long time, should use the coupon in this post. It’s up to you to consider.

** Payment can be made by Visa/Master or PayPal. The .NET domain renewal rate here is Rs589 (~ $9.14).

Since June, most BigRock orders are taxable.

Visit BigRock here.

Have fun!

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