Get $1,000 per week from Payoneer, absolutely free

Payoneer has just launched Payoneer Raffle – A weekly lucky spin with a prize value of up to $1,000. Join now!

On Monday every week from 10/07/2017 through 07/08/2017, Payoneer will randomly pick the lucky one to donate $1,000 to the account.

The way to join the program is simple, absolutely FREE. Just having a Payoneer account, using the Request a Payment service, sends a payment request to to record the information and wait for result on Monday.

If you do not have a Payoneer account to receive international payments, please sign up for one here.

Payoneer also donates $25 to your account if you receive >= $100 from foreign companies.

Each account is sent a maximum of 5 payment requirements to increase the possibility of winning.

Good luck!

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