GoDaddy acquires Uniregistry, continuing to expand the market

Today, GoDaddy announced that it is in the process of acquiring the domain name registrar Uniregistry.

This year, after changing the brand identity, GoDaddy continues to expand its market. One of the latest moves is the deal with Uniregistry.

It is known that GoDaddy will acquire the domain name distribution and the domain trading market of Uniregistry. The domain registry backend and New gTLD, GoDaddy will be removed from the deal.

Although the financial details of the deal are still being kept a secret, it is expected to be completed by the second quarter of this year, around April 2020.

While purchasing, Uniregistry and services will still be operating as currently, on the website, customers will still receive the best support from Uni’s staff. Uni’s domain broker will be paired and working with GoDaddy’s team, taking advantage of both sides’ strategies to provide better services to customers.

Paul Nicks, GoDaddy’s vice president, said: “Uniregistry and its product/service system are unique studies, always aiming to bring good value to domain investors. This acquisition strengthens GoDaddy’s commitment to domain investors. Combining Uniregistry’s incredible knowledge and solutions with GoDaddy’s strong platform will help investors become more successful. We are looking forward to this combination. ”.

Meanwhile, Uniregistry, Found & CEO Frank Schilling’s representative also shared: “Uniregistry’s goal from the beginning is to build a company with sustainable value. When I started talking to GoDaddy executives, everything became clearer and I found the same spirit of passion and value I want to give to my clients.”.

Frank also shared that he is extremely proud to be working with GoDaddy, providing the opportunity to develop and expand his solutions to a large customer base of GoDaddy.

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