GoDaddy chooses to log in with your Amazon Account

Not only changing the new logo, but GoDaddy also helps the registration of customers’ accounts become faster and easier with a new change.

This morning, when I logged into my account to pay for domain purchase, I suddenly realized that the interface was something different. And I found out, in GoDaddy’s login options, in the suggestion section, there’s an Amazon Account option besides Facebook and Google.

Click to try to create a new account, the content appears as shown below:

The suggestion to use a Google account is no longer available, instead of choosing an Amazon account.

This is what I see on the Global page (United States – English), while on the page with the region selection is Singapore – English, the option besides Facebook is WeChat.

But some other areas such as Canada, India… then both login/registration parts remain the same. It’s strange!

In recent years, GoDaddy is developing in a very different trend. No longer flocking to cheap promotional coupons to attract customers, this giant is expanding the market day by day, along with customer care to retain the old customers and welcome more customers. new products. It can be seen that GoDaddy’s market research department was very meticulous. Depending on the market, they have researched and decided to integrate the most popular 3rd party services.

I always encourage you to register for a separate account at GoDaddy, with a separate password to ensure safety. For those who often forget, can’t remember a lot of information, the option to use shared accounts is not too bad. To be careful, activate the 2-layer security function to have an extra layer of protection for your account!

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