GoDaddy encourages domain investment right on homepage

GoDaddy has just made a move to encourage domain name investment with a small change right on the homepage.

Now when you visit GoDaddy, the most prominent feature is the appearance of the top domain sold in this quarter through the GoDaddy Auctions platform.

The Learn More button directs users to the Domain Name Investor Information page, the top domain auctioned quarterly listings, related news, Q&A domain names…

$39,300 is the price of domain has been successfully auctioned on GoDaddy Auctions – the largest value this quarter. An effective way to arouse entrepreneurial passion.

As a company of great influence, with this information GoDaddy can change the way people think about domains, about the value of domains.

Recently, this provider also launched the video on Youtube, introducing the basic concepts of domain, hosting, investment … Please refer to: What is domain investing?

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