GoDaddy error messages must know

During the order processing in GoDaddy, there are some error messages that you must know to make the transaction successful. I will summarize all the error messages in this post for you.

If you encounter the error message, read immediately the comment below the article introducing the coupon to see who successfully paid? If a lot of comments fail, it is possible that Godaddy has updated the coupon and is no longer available.

When using a coupon to buy a domain name in GoDaddy, after adding a coupon, if the price does not fall (to $ 9.99 or $13 upwards) then activate and disable Private Registration as below. Price will return to the most accurate!

1. Used coupon error

Starting in August 2015, GoDaddy changed the policy of each account or card using only one coupon. If you used a coupon and try to use another coupon, you will see the message:

Some of our best offers are limited to one per customer and it looks like you’ve already used one. We’ve updated your cart with the best offer, if one is available

Error message image:

In this case, you have no choice but to switch to another domain name registrar.

2. Invalid coupon or card information error

This error is most people have ever encountered. The reason is that GoDaddy limits countries to use coupons (usually cheap coupons $0.99, $1.99, $2.95). The error message is as below:

There was a problem processing your transaction. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment


There was a problem authorizing your credit. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment

Error message image:

On the coupon issue, you use the coupon on this blog is reassured because I have manual check, guarantee payment.

In case you use the coupon on the blog that error, remove the domain and then add the domain + fill coupon code (or follow the image above), may have to do many times because of Godaddy often cached coupon errors.

<h3>In addition, you also need to check other issues such as:</h3>

  • Has your GoDaddy account been updated?
  • Can the card have online payment (some banks do not default to the online payment, must contact the bank to know). If you have ever made international payments then skip.
  • Is there money in the card? (Note the minimum balance that must be maintained in the card as this can not be used).
  • The card information is correct (full name, card number, CVV)

Finally if you have checked all the issues and still encounter the error message, maybe your card has been banned by GoDaddy system. Please leave a comment comment below the coupon introduction posts for me to check again.

If you use a coupon from another site, do not comment on this blog because I can not check the coupon from another source.

3. Errors related to Country, Region

GoDaddy recently allowed to sign up for the Microsoft Office 365 Email Free Trial a month when ordering any domain name. However, when you make a payment you may receive an error:

To purchase product, enter a payment method with a different billing country/region and continue with checkout.

Product Restrictions

Sorry, but Microsoft Office 365 Email – FREE Month can’t be sold in your billing country/region. Either choose another payment method with a different billing country/region, or choose one of these options:

Error message image:

To resolve, just go back to Shopping Cart, remove Microsoft Office 365 Email – FREE Month is OK.

4. GoDaddy cache coupon error

You qualified for multiple money-saving offers! We’ve automatically applied the best offer, giving you the lowest price.

Error message image:

This error is caused by the GoDaddy’s coupon cache. You just remove domain/hosting then add again, use coupon is okay. It may be necessary to perform this operation many times.

Or simply save my time by clicking Make my domain private then Keep my personal info public as below:

The error message disappears and the domain is discounted.

5. Do not use coupon but also checkout error

This happens when you do not add a coupon but the payment is still error, even if domain renewal is also encountered. The reason is that you access GoDaddy through an intermediate link with an attached coupon can not be used.

To resolve this issue, simply enter a random coupon code in the Have a Promo Code box to delete the added coupon and make a payment again.

Finally, if you go through all the above steps and still get the error, please drop the coupon away and look for another one that works for you.

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