Godaddy has officially received expired domain names from

As announced earlier, since the beginning of this year,‘s expired domain names have been auctioned off on the GoDaddy Auctions platform.

In June 2017, after acquiring Rightside, Donuts officially acquired and many new extensions from this company.

In the past, Donuts expired domains were redirected to NameJet and now, when no longer owned by Tucows, Donuts has chosen GoDaddy as a strategic partner since 2018. Of course,’s expired domain names will also be transferred to GoDaddy and auctioned on the GoDaddy Auctions platform. This information has been confirmed by both Godaddy and Donuts since the second half of October 2017.

Members who use the service at said that the expired domain has now been transferred to GoDaddy Auctions!

Remember, in May 2017, Tucows stopped cooperating with GoDaddy, transferring its expired domain nameJet. But suddenly, after only half a year, the company returned to GoDaddy. So just in 2017, GoDaddy has pulled out 2 big NameJet partners, one of which owns up to 50% of the shares.

This can only be explained by a single reason: GoDaddy Auctions has outperformed significantly compared to NameJet.

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