GoDaddy has supported payment by PayPal

For those who have ever watched the $0.99 GoDaddy coupons, you will surely know, only pay with Visa/Master.

Limiting the payment to only one form for small value transactions has annoyed many new customers. At the same time, GoDaddy itself is losing a significant number of potential customers.

Because, before, not everyone always had an international payment account. In addition, sharing information of the card (cardholder name, card number, CVV code, etc) is something that many people do not like. Because today, sharing data online is convenient for payment but also comes with risks such as losing personal information.

PayPal – an online payment gateway that supports payment, transfers via the Internet is safer, more convenient than the first choice. But transactions under $5 at GoDaddy have been restricted to use in the past. When checking out, the PayPal option will be automatically hidden if the amount is not enough. Many people had to leave their favorite domain just because they didn’t have a Visa/Master card.

This inconvenience will no longer be present. You can use PayPal for every transaction at GoDaddy, from only $0.99. I have tried and paid successfully.

If you are a new customer, go to GoDaddy for the first time and login, you will be prompted to use PayPal and pay quickly, without going through the hassle of filling out information.

Just click on the PayPal icon, link your account and pay! Paying with PayPal is always as quick as that.

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